stripViewer (a jQuery image slider built on Lists)

R/C EDF 307 twin-engine electric Airliner (stripViewer demo)

EDFmodel specialises in the design & manufacture of quality Electric Ducted Fan model RC airliners.

EDFmodels is operated by Ian Monty and is based in Queensland, Australia. They manufacture high quality kits and therefore they do not offer models at mass-produced prices. Their rc aircraft are technical models with many parts. The construction methodology used in EDF models is unique in the modelling industry. EDF's method provides a model that is easy to maintain with the ability for part replacement. Those Airliners kits are designed for the serious modeller with a little advanced knowledge.

var steps = $("#stripViewer>ul > li > img").attr("width");
	$("#stripTransmitter ul").find("a").each(function(i) { 
		$(this).append( (i+1) ); 
		var cnt=-(steps*i); 
		$(this).click( function() {  
			$("#stripViewer ul").animate({ left: cnt}, 750, 'easeInOutBack');